Leith Festival

The community of Leith is vibrant and forever changing and as it grows, Leith Festival is no different, with it being about what our community of Leith has to offer.

The festival is run for Leithers, by Leithers.  Most of the artists, actors, dancers, musicians, historians and regulars are Leithers or associated with Leith. All the events that take place, normally in the second week of June, fall under the banner of Leith Festival with the excitement all happening approximately within a mile or so from the Foot of the Walk.

However this is not just about Leith. Many people who attend Gala Day or other events will naturally be Leithers but we also welcome the good folk fae
‘UP THE TOON’ (Edinburgh), and from the rest of the UK as well as visitors from abroad.

The 2015 Leith Festival had an attendance somewhere in the region of around twelve thousand people…….and that was just on Gala Day!!!!!!

So all in all, next year’s Leith Festival should prove every bit as successful as all its predecessors …

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