Q. Where will events take place?
A: within a mile or so of the Kirkgate where there are a number of theatre spaces, Art Galleries, Cafes and Pubs. Leith Festival hopes to have performances in many of them.

Q. When will events happen?
A. Between the 13th and 21st June 2015. There will be events running throughout the day. As in previous years, the programme will be published at the start of May for distribution and will also be available on our website.

Q. How can we get tickets?
A. From each individual event organiser or venue. We’ll provide contact details and telephone numbers wherever possible. We’ll provide dates, times, places, a map. Some events will be free: just turn up.

Q. How can I get involved?
A. Take a stall at Gala day or join the Pageant. Why not organise an event during the Festival week. Volunteer your help – Leith Festival require many volunteers from now on to help in all aspects of the Festival, we will need stewards on Gala Day, and more people to help make each event run smoothly. Contact us if you have some time to spare.

Q. I am a performer/part of a theatre group/artist/musician and I would like to be part of the Festival, what should I do?
A. Email office@leithfestival.com or pop into our Festival office for your events application form. Leith Festival Office, 1st Floor, 17 Academy Street, Leith. 0131 629 1214. Basically, find a space in Leith for your event……and away you go!!! We will always be here to help you find a venue should you struggle and for anything else you may require.

Q. I am a venue and I would like to be involved, what should I do?
A. You can put on your own event, advertise that your space is available or let us know and we can point people in your direction. It is up to you what events you choose to host. Here’s something to bear in mind, you will be responsible for all public entertainment, entertainment and theatre licensing requirements.

Q. I would like to take part in the Gala Day Pageant?
A. Please register so we can organise and plan the Pageant. You can register by email: office@leithfestival.com

Q. I would like to have a stall on Gala Day?
A. To host a stall on Gala Day please email: office@leithfestival.com for your stall pitch application form

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