‘Mock Lord Provost’ of Leith


‘Mock Lord Provost’ of Leith 

The honour of being selected as the ‘Mock Lord Provost’ of Leith is a much sought after accolade.

The choosing of a Mock Lord Provost began in the days when the Rev Ian Gilmour was the Chair of Leith Festival around 10 years ago, and is a tradition that is kept to this day with the selection, nowadays, being made by the Board of Leith Festival annually.

The main role of the Mock Lord Provost is to preside over all the proceedings on Gala Day

The ‘Mock Lord Provost’ of Leith 2016, and presiding over the Gala Day proceedings once again is Willie Barr Manager of the Citadel Youth Centre.

Some of the distinguished people who have been honoured as Leith’s Mock Lord Provost over the years are………

Gordon Munro
Margo McDonald
John Penicuik
Malcolm Chisholm
Lesley Hinds
Willie Barr

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