Elizabeth Wardlaw Award

The Elizabeth Wardlaw Award

Elizabeth Wardlaw was a supporter and for a time, chair of Leith Festival as well as a long-serving councillor for Leith (1984 – 2003).

Elizabeth Wardlaw was also minister of Hermitage United Free Church and kept goal for Scotland at hockey!

One of the many things Elizabeth organised in the community was to organised local school children to plant crocus and daffodils bulbs in Leith Links, showering the park with an array of colour each spring.

Leith Links Community Council remembers her with bulb planting on Leith Links. There are now over 10,000 bulbs planted in the Links and is testament to Elizabeth’s contribution to the community of Leith where she dedicated more than 50 years of her life

Elizabeth is remembered by Leith Festival with this special award.

The Award was created in 2007 and is bestowed annually in her honour to dedicated and unsung heroes of the community of Leith. The award was designed and sculpted in the shape of a crocus flower, by Leith-based sculptor, Duncan Robertson, who was trained by Leith’s Eduardo Paolozzi.

Some of the previous recipients over the years have included:  Mr Arthur Mathieson MBE, Mr Sandy McAulay, Mrs Mary Moriarty, Mr Fred Frayling-Kelly, Rev Iain Gilmour & Mr Bryan Maughan

The recipient of the Elizabeth Wardlaw award on Gala Day 2016 is Mr Tim Bell

Tim Bell is known to many as “the voice of the Leith Tattoo”, holding the microphone at the event on the Shore that traditionally winds up the Leith Festival. He is often to be seen on our streets as he introduces folk from far and wide to the locations referred to in Irvine Welsh’s book of the 1980s heroin scene, Trainspotting.
Tim is also proud to be a central part of reuniting the town of Leith with the port of Leith. As Port Chaplain, he organises a dozen or so Leithers to go below decks on the cruise ships that come in to Leith every year. Every Christmas he arranges for over 500 Christmas parcels, complete with a card designed by at Leith schoolchild, to be made up and given out on cargo and off-shore vessels.

In 2001, with some friends, Tim had the idea that Leith should reclaim its place in the history of golf. With The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers’ earliest rules of the game written for play on Leith Links in 1744, the 2002 Open, hosted by the Honourable Company at Muirfield, was the perfect opportunity. With the newly formed Leith Rules Golf Society hosting a Hickory Open on the Links, they were thrilled to hear Peter Alliss, commentating on the telly from Muirfield, refer to the Society and acknowledge Leith’s gift to the world: golf!

A native of Northumberland, Tim and his family have lived in Leith since 1980.

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