What is Leith Festival?

Leith Festival is all about the community of Leith. We have 9 days of events, 11th – 19th June 2016, organised for the people of Leith by the people of Leith. It gives the opportunity for professional and amateur groups alike to be involved in theatre, music, arts, history, song, in fact pretty much anything within their local community.

There is a Leith Festival programme so you can find what event/s and venue/s you’re looking for in the area during Festival time. Oh, and don’t forget to look out for our opening ceremony, the Leith Pageant, where dancers, artists, pipe bands, folk in fancy dress parade through the heart of Leith and where hundreds of well wishers line the streets, and of course, not forgetting  our Gala Day (both events take place on Saturday the 11th June 2016), which takes place on Leith Links from 10.30am. Another show stopping event for you to note in your calendar, is our traditional closing ceremony, the Leith Festival Tattoo (Sunday 19th  June 2016), which takes place at the end of Tower Street next to the Water of Leith,
opposite the Mal Maison Hotel.

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